about us

Geni hands on with a project

Kreca Renovations is steeped in a family history of building and the family traditions continue…Geni and Emily lead the Kreca Renovations team with the strong support of Geni’s brothers and cousins.

Geni’s father Petrit has been building for more than 40 years, taking Geni and his brothers on site from the tender age of ten as labourers (seems European work laws are a little different to ours here in Australia!).

Member of Master Builders Association South Australia

Emily too comes from a building background, her father Peter is a plumber by trade and now a keen hobby builder, producing beautiful furniture and rebuilding wooden boats in his ‘spare’ time.

Such a background has given us a passion for customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

Geni and the rest of the team have somewhere in the vicinity of fifty years building experience between them. They have a strong background in renovations and extensions and are now also working in commercial alterations and additions with some very satisfied customers (see customer testimonials). Geni and Emily have Australian qualifications in building construction and building design.

Our employees are friends and family too (not just workers!) and at all times we aim to support small family business when carefully selecting our sub contractors and suppliers.